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Blending history and
contemporary Art

Blending history and

contemporary Art

On the ground floor, amidst a large flowery courtyard, is a large hall whose typical star vaults are frescoed by the hand of the well-known artist Roberto Ruspoli, a pictorial work commissioned and conceived in situ, whose theme "the sun even at night" gives emotion and a feeling of joy, and envelops in a Salentine dance of delicate figures that bring to mind the Greek culture, so present in the Salento area.
The main floor, with a succession of reading and conversation rooms, surrounded by works of art and eccentric creations by Salento and international artists, envelops you in an eclectic and elegant atmosphere.
The halls on the first floor will, over time, host a number of exhibitions by well-known contemporary artists with links to Salento, with the aim of promoting new visions of culture in the area.

Ruspoli living room

After the first steps in the courtyard, you enter the Salone Ruspoli, which welcomes you and carves out corners of refined well-being, under the star vaults frescoed in situ by the artist of the same name.
The circularity of Edra's Tatlin sofa, a design icon as a symbol of freedom, in the original red velvet, which has always been the colour of passion.

L'infinito living

Octagonal chandelier-culture by Arik Lévy for Vibia, reference to Frederick II's octagonal castle, Castel del Monte, epicentre of the culture of the time.
Eight represents the perfect number of infinity, where you can concentrate, relax and meditate.

Reading Salon

Eclectic design pieces stand out on the magnificent original 16th-century earthenware floor.
Between two brass libraries, the three-dimensional installation by Lecce artist Fernando Spano.

Musica living

A play of light under the 7-metre-high barrel vaults in the music room, a charming communion of the ancient and the modern, where you can inebriate yourself with melodic notes and watch exclusive artistic performances.

Archway Hall

The "buongiorno" (good morning) lounge, where you can enjoy our delicious and delicious breakfasts embraced by a 16th century arch and surrounded by delicate sculptural works.

Taste Salon

Eccentricity and craftsmanship of the modular tables, whose feet echo the star vaults, and Hiroko sculpture chairs handmade on an iron base covered with papier-mâché, the ancient art of Salento tradition, where you can experience tasty dinners on demand.

Palazzo Maresgallo